Mega diverse country and one of the richest in the world, the small territory contains natural regions that offer a variety of mountains, páramos, beaches, islands and jungle, which in turn are home to thousands of species of flora and fauna.


But Ecuador is not only rich in its natural regions, it is also rich in its people, in its natural and archaeological culture, since its territory includes more than 14 indigenous nationalities with their own identity. And many sites full of charm that are visited by thousands of tourists who travel from all over the world.


Without a doubt a place to visit, love and respect.


Aventuras de Montaña is a responsible tourism operator established in the city of Riobamba that offers adventure tourism products and services to different parts of Ecuador and the world, satisfying the needs of adventurers.


Offer quality tourism products and services in order to achieve the total satisfaction of our customers so that we can grow economically as a reliable tourism company and according to the need of the demand in order to achieve the loyalty of our customers.


Possession in the national and international tourism market as a recognized travel agency in adventure tourism through the promotion of natural cultural and historical attractions of our country and province, promoting the revitalization of local economies and good environmental practices to obtain The satisfaction of our internal and external customers.



Fabian 39, father of 5 children. Live in Riobamba. He was born on June 5, 1979 in the community of Guarguallá, in the Cebadas parish, Guamote canton.

The community where he was born is a very small community with barely 25 heads of families, this community is located with the limits of Sangay National Park, at the height of 3600 m.s.n.m.

The Sangay volcano is the main reason that inspired him to become a mountain guide.

At the age of 15, he began as a mule carrier the 7-day expedition to the Sangay volcano, with tourists from many countries who made the Sangay volcano expedition; He worked as a porter for 4 years and started climbing the volcano because the eruptions caught his attention.

At the age of 19, for the first time, Chimborazo climbed the highest volcano in Ecuador with 6310 m.s. that was another challenge I had in mind; since then he was passionate about the mountains and nature, he served as a native guide of the community or as a naturalist guide recognized by the ministry of tourism in Ecuador, helping to organize tourism groups to different expeditions: as trekking, biking, climbing, camping, with many tourism operators in Ecuador.

It has a long history in adventure sports, high mountain, trekking, biking, camping, operation and logistics of travel and tourism

With all these experiences he was motivated to put his own Tourism Operator, with the name of "ADVENTURES OF MONTAÑA PAFAJA" CIA LTDA

Nowadays it has been prepared professionally as "SPECIALIZED GUIDE IN ADVENTURE AND HIGH MOUNTAIN TOURISM"; with the Certification of the Association of Mountain Guides in Ecuador. ASEGUIN.



It will be a pleasure to attend you in a personalized way every day of the year from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, our staff inform you about our services.




Our Staff has a professional training and experience to ensure that your trip is the best guaranteeing the right information and security for any eventuality. We have the accreditation of the Ministries of Tourism and Environment fully legalized.




We have 4x4 vehicles conditioned exclusively for mountainous areas. Comfort and warmth are our best introduction.




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